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Living a Global Life


Hi — I’m Ann Hoffman, avid traveler, scuba diver, and passionate about living life fulfilled.

I took my first trip when I was six weeks old. My mom drove my 2 1/2 year-old sister and me in her 1940-something Chevy from Denver to Seattle at a time when there were no freeways, only two lane highways. We dropped by Yellowstone because my mom had never seen it and one night slept in a shepherd’s wagon (minus the shepherd).

Thus began my love affair with travel. Among other things, I’ve lived in Japan for three years, explored the medina in Marrakesh, camped on the banks of the Yukon, spent over four months in Australia (a scuba diver’s paradise), delightd in Paris, Rome, and London, drunk the wine in Mendoza, Argentina, and visited a Druid camp in the mists of Ireland. My bucket list still includes horseback riding in Mongolia, a river trip on the Mekong, and walking the ice in Antarctica.

What I learned early on, thanks to my parents, was that people have different religions, skin tones, language, and life styles, and that underneath it all, we are basically the same.
As a result, the last several years have been spent learning and applying lots about living internationally — going through the same process you are now.

The results? 

I’ve spent time living in various countries for a month or more.   For the past year I’ve been having a wonderful time in Baja Mexico.  Choosing Baja meant that I could be close to the U.S. and stay within a few hour flight to my 92 year-old mother.

For the future, I am looking to settle in a place like Cuenca, Ecuador.

A Time to Give Back

This journey has brought me to a place where I want to share with others the benefits and joy of living internationally.  This site is dedicate to showing people how to accomplish the transition to their new home with a sense of adventure, humor and that all things are possible.

That’s why I bring to you Enjoy Living Internationally, in the hopes that you will gain a clear vision of what you want your life to look like.  We will provide you with the tools  and a stepped approach to achieve that first plunge into living outside your home country.

Explore, Enjoy and Live Internationally.

All the best!

Ann Hoffman
Chief Enjoyment Officer
Enjoy Living Internationally!