Adventurous Expat Women Who Move Overseas Alone


More and more, women are setting off to do something that make their friends and relatives incredibly nervous.  They are moving overseas.

From intrepid twenty-somethings to retired or widowed ladies of adventure, these new explorers set off to live, learn and love in foreign countries.  Yet of all the groups who are exploring the world of overseas living, this one is the least acknowledged and the most in need of resources and connections.

Are you a single woman thinking about making the move abroad?  Here are a few sites written by those who have done it themselves that might give you insight into the experience:

Belize –  San Pedro Scoop

This blog is about a single New Yorker who moved to San Pedro, Belize five years ago.  Most of the blog is about the island.  Some are about her personal adventures (and obsession with The Bachelor) in and around Belize.  

The one problem I have with the blog is it’s organization.  It’s hard to find things by topic.  But a fun site if you just want to read along.

Costa Rica – De La Pura Vida

The old story of chasing a boy to a foreign land, then losing the boy and falling in love with the country.  This is a beautiful blog about a young woman named Erin Morris who is exploring the colorful world of Costa Rica.  It is complete with job descriptions, driving tips and learning to live in the moment.

Panama –  Kate In Panama

The adventures of Kate who was placed in a two year job contract in Panama.

One of the things I love about this blog is the reality it brings to living overseas.  She has a fantastically funny post about trying to get small things done like her hair dyed and trying to fill the correct contact lens prescription.  She also travels around the country and gives you a wonderful view of the lives of native Panamanians.

South Africa – The Gray Haired Lady

One of the things I love about this blog is that it starts with her life in Panama and now she’s in South Africa, but thinking about moving to the Yucatan.  A true adventurer who doesn’t let age get in the way of… well… anything.

Interestingly there is little talk of dating from any of these bloggers.  If you know of a single female blogger who is living overseas, feel free to comment.  We’ll feature them in future posts. 


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  • Well, I’m not a single female expat, but I’ve been living like one. I came to Panama in mid-March on my own. My mission: to find a rental house before my husband and our dogs joined me. Not quite as terrifying as striking out completely on my own, of course, but with similar sense of singleness and alone-ness. 

    Happily, husband and pups will be joining me at the end of this week. 🙂

    • LiveIntl

      I can understand that! Doing it all by yourself is not easy. What area of Panama are you hunting? I considered Panama, but the humidity made me cringe. Good luck on your search for a home!