Moving to Panama? Learn the REALITY of Living Overseas!

Thinking of moving or retiring overseas?  Panama has been the go to country for retirement and low cost living for about the last decade.  Why?  Well, you can’t beat the prices and the lifestyle.  It uses the U.S. dollar for currency.  And although Spanish is the national language, there are already so many American and Canadian expats living in Panama that it is easy to find someone who can speak English.

So what’s the downside?  How do you find out real information about what real life is like when you move to Panama?   I today’s blog post I’m going to connect you with two websites that can give you everything you need for a deeper understanding of the experience.

Panama Guide

I cannot say enough good things about this amazing online guide to Panama.    At first glance, it looks like an English-speaking newspaper for Panamanian locals.  But look deeper and you find that it is specifically informing the local expat community.  All the posts help keep the community informed on important issues, crime, and even local events and personal interest pieces.  

If that’s not enough, then scroll down and notice the navigation bar on the left side of the page.  It is full of great links to important topics such as: animals and pets, transportation, crime, employment, immigration issues, healthcare, and more.  These links lead to posts by local people.  The topics are up-to-date.  The posts reflect the real experiences of locals and not just regurgitated information from guide books.

Check them out at

On Twitter here: @panama_guide

Or Friend the owner on Facebook:

Panama Forum

Need more?  Want to converse live with the expat community.  Check out the Panama Forum for interaction with expats who have made the leap.  Here you can find information on local rentals, expat health insurance, where to get specific kinds of food and even the expats favorite things about Panama.

The forum topic areas include: Panama Travel, Living in Panama, Business in Panama, Real Estate, Banks, Legal Issues, Sports etc.

You can’t get much better than feedback from those who are already living the life.

Check them out at

On Twitter here: @panamaforum


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