Women Should Stop Worrying About Retirement—And Start Planning!


According to an Oppenheimer survey women remain financially less prepared than men, even though women will outlive them. Women start saving later in life and save less than their male counterparts. Women also have less understanding about investments and are unfamiliar with even basic investing principles.

The good news is that is changing. For women in their early thirties and younger, investing is becoming more common place. Younger women are reaching out for help, joining investment groups and getting educated about investing in higher numbers than ever before.

One interesting fact is that women who do invest tend to get a slightly higher return on their investments than men.  So get out there!

How can you take charge of your financial future?

Here are some tools, groups and educational opportunities that are created specifically for women:


What should you do if you’ve already reached retirement age?

It’s never too late to invest and take control of your finances. You can still work with your retirement funds to reinvest and get higher returns and ensure that you will have income streams that will last you into the future. Look into immediate annuities which provides monthly benefits for life or for a set period such as 10 or 20 years. There are also longevity insurance plans, which can mitigate the risk of running out of money in later years.

For more information on how to take control of your money in your retirement years, check out the How Can Women’s Income Last as Long as They Do? pdf brought to you by the Women’s Institute for A Secure Retirement.


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